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Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd is a 100% Bumiputera Energy Services company specialising in promoting corporate profitability through Energy Efficiency Programme with zero-cost investment therefore lower operating cost and higher competetiveness. Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd was set up to integrate and capitalise on the extensive achievements in the field of Energy Management, Energy Monitoring and Energy Auditing.

Pre-Audit Review

• To determine the feasibility to conduct energy retrofits

• To outline projection and substantial savings from collected data and findings.

Energy Audit

• Conducting comprehensive energy efficiency auditing and accurate data monitoring in all aspect of the building especially on the HVAC system

• Diagnostic measurements and real data acquisition using our powerful Sutera Intrajaya software in the Energy Audit Report will outline the method to carry out a performance based

• Energy Efficiency Improvement project.

Energy Retrofit

• From Energy Audit, Sutera Intrajaya will proceed to do the Energy Retrofit in order to produce the actual savings as per measure, through holistic approach

• Savings and improvements will be documented in our real-time monitoring system at one-minute intervals

• Energy Review Report will show before & after improvements of the energy usage.

Our Management

"Monitoring and evaluation allow for greater energy and smoother running facilities as problems are caught in very early stage." - Business Times

Dato’ Abdul Karim Bin Mohd Amin


Dato Abdul Karim, a Malaysian citizen, age 70+, has served the Johor State Government from 1969 to 1976. He has been in business for over 40 years and has ventured into development, construction, quarry, automotive and general trading.

Present Chairman to :
Binamin Holding Sdn Bhd – Investment
Binamin Hadsa Sdn Bhd – Project Development for Ministry of Defense (MOD)
Binamin Prima Sdn Bhd – Class A contractor
Binamin Industries Sdn Bhd – Manufacturing
Binamin Development Corp Sdn Bhd – Development
Past Chairman to : Milan Auto (M) Sdn Bhd – Franchise Alfa Romeo Cars for Malaysia
Merino-ODD Sdn Bhd – JV with ODD of Japan (Construction)

Anwarruddin Shah Bin Hezan Shah

Managing Director

Anwarruddin Shah was appointed as Managing Director of Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd from year 2006. His responsibilities include formulating and successfully implementing company policy, directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the company, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the chairman of the board, building and maintaining an effective executive team.

He was previously a Manager (International Division) for the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) which was entrusted by the Government of Malaysia to identify potential business in the overseas market and he was also involved with the Oil & Gas company, MMC Oil & Gas Engineering Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur.

Anwarruddin Shah holds Master of Business Administration (Finance) from University Malaya and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management-Honours) from RMIT University, Melbourne Australia.

Ahmad Mateen Bin Shariffudin

Executive Director

Ahmad Mateen, was appointed as Executive Director of Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd from year 2008. He has more than 7 years experience working in the Construction industry.

He was attached to Petroleum Pipelines company, Algotech (M) Sdn Bhd and also Shell Malaysia. Ahmad Mateen holds a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying from International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM).

Kharina Binti Dato’ Abdul Karim

Director Of Finance

Kharina Abdul Karim was appointed as the Director of Finance from year 2009. She has 10 years of working experince in the finance industry. She started working in the accounting and audit firm in the year 2004.
Her tasks in the company include monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends, liaising with auditors to ensure annual monitoring is carried out, developing external relationships with appropriate contacts, e.g. auditors, solicitors, bankers and statutory organisations such as the Inland Revenue.
Kharina Abdul Karim holds a Bachelor in Business (Human Resources) from Swinburne University, Melbourne Australia.

Adam Bin Dato’ Abdul Karim

Director Of Marketing & Communications

Adam Abdul Karim was appointed as Director of Communications of Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd from year 2013. He was attached to Binamin Development Corporation Sdn Bhd as a management trainee.
His job scope includes introducing new products, promoting special events, scheduling interviews for CEO and giving interviews on behalf of the company. He represents the company to the public and is required to work with departments of advertising and marketing, as well as web designers and financial representatives.
Adam Abdul Karim holds a Degree in Business Studies majoring in Communication from Macquarie University, Sydney Australia.

Mohamad Nagib Bin Sulaiman

General Manager

Mohamad Nagib Sulaiman was appointed as the General Manager of Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd from year 2009. He has more than 10 yrs experience in management.
He has served as the manager of Binamin Oil Bulkers in year 2000 (oil storage and bunkering facilities in Pasir Gudang Johor) until year 2005.
Among many of his responsibilities are to present the company’s proposal for future projects, to coordinate with other departments and to supervise personnel; selecting, supervising, and supporting the employee team and upholding company policies.

Ir Fadzlan Shah Bin Mohamed

Energy Manager

Ir Fadzlan Shah bin Mohamed was appointed as Energy Manager of Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd from year 2013. He has more than 20 years experience working in extreme fields of engineering.
He is a registered member of IEM (institution of Engineers Malaysia) and a registered Professional Engineer Malaysia (Electrical)/ PE.
Ir. Fadzlan Shah hold a B.Sc of Electrical Engineering from University of Toledo, United States of America.

Md Zulfadzli Bin Mohd Ali

Senior Project Manager

Md Zulfadzli was appointed as the senior project manager of Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd from year 2013. He has more than 15 years experience working in the construction industry. With his experience, part of his responsibility in the company is to develop a project from planning, deployment of work, monitoring and making sure the project runs accordingly.
Md Zulfadzli was a senior trainer for Planning, Safety & Health & Engineering for many Government agencies.Md Zulfadli holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Engineering from Curtin University of Technology, Australia in the year 2002 and a Diploma in Engineering (Environmental/Health/Safety) majoring in Safety & Health Management from RRC, UK in the year 2014.

Energy Audit

"Monitoring and evaluation allow for greater energy and smoother running facilities as problems are caught in very early stage" - Business Times

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Energy Audit (Pre-Liminary Analysis)

- Energy (Electricity & Fuel) bills (1-2 years)
- Monthly production data (1–2 years)
- Data recorded from existing recorders
- Plan layout & single line diagram of equipment
- Energy management & energy saving measures implemented
- General info (construction’s year, ownership status, renovations, types of products, operation schedule, operating hours, scheduled shutdown,etc) bills (1-2 years)

General info (construction’s year,ownership status,

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Energy Audit (Parameters)

- Liquid & gas fuel flows

- Electrical measurements, such as the voltage, current intensity and power, as well as power factor
- Temperatures of solid & liquid surfaces
- Pressure of fluids in pipes, furnaces or vessels
- Exhaust gases emission (co2, co and smoke)
- Relative humidity
- Luminance levels

Our Services

"Calculating is Better Than Estimating but Measuring is Better Than Calculating" - Business Times

LED Solutions

LED Lamps are spearheading the green movement due to the ease of replacement (plug-and-play) feature. 65-90% of savings on electricity is easily achieved just by switching to LED lamps.

Today, Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd provides turn-key lighting solutions and project management in industrial, commercial, and residential.

An LED lamp (or LED light bulb) is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. LED lamps offer longservice life and high energy efficiency.

LED Features:

1. Energy Saving – LED consumes 65-90% less than conventional lights

2. Efficiency – LED technology produce more lumens with lower wattage

3. Life Span – LED has up to 5-10 times as long life as conventional lights

4. Environmentally Friendly – LEDs are 100% recyclable

5. Durability - LEDs are made of plastic. Contains no filaments or fragile glass

6. Heat Reduction – LED reduce cooling costs

7. UV Free – No ultraviolet light is emitted by LED lighting

Energy Monitoring & Efficiency Solutions

Strategic technology partners and proven methodology allows Seido Solution to provide complete end-to-end facilities management solutions with a specialized emphasis on overall energy efficiency. The solution is designed for digital, analogue and serial communication; enabling Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd to integrate with almost any sensors and equipment in the market. Sutera’s ability to read third party data allows us to seamlessly combine energy consumption readings with production data for real-time efficiency analysis.


2. Humidity

3. Air quality

4. Lighting & Power

5. Water energy

6. CCTV and others

With the above data, Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd is able to formulate management methodology and develop energy efficiency systems and solution with proven performance for industrial and commercial application.


Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd - Energy Audit, Energy Retrofit and Shared Savings. Energy audit details comprehensive energy efficiency auditing in all aspects of the building or factor especially the HVAC system.

During the energy audit, we use our Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd software for accurate real-time data collection and analysis. From energy audit, Sutera Intrajaya Sdn Bhd will proceed to do energy retrofit where we design and implement our customized energy efficient systems.

We offer innovative shared savings schemes like zero capital investment for qualified clients.


• To reduce energy cost of central air-conditioning facilities by 30%-60% through our Energy Efficiency Programme and to achieve an annual savings in utilities at a return- on-investment (ROI) above 30%.

• To demonstrate that energy efficiency improvement project is low risk-high return investment propositions that can improve a company’s bottom-line and resource productivity.

• To provide more cooling capability and impriving indoor air quality but using less energy without compromising or sacrificing existing comfort level.

• To operate facilities at optimum efficiency by providing extra controls and measuringtools will result in lower maintenance cost and better operation.

• To generate interest among building owners, engineering facilities, hotels, hospital operators and other relevant parties via economic proven methodology and environtmentally friendly. Less energy consumed means less CO2 emission (the cause of global warming).

“Holistic Approach”

• Optimizing the performance of synergistic components of the whole system instead of the traditional one-to-one replacement, we take a step further by focusing on the right selection of equipment and how each part of the system can be optimized to work together to capture the multiple synergistic benefits.

• Optimizing components in isolation without holistic approach tends to ignore the efficiency o the whole system.

• One-to-One replacements often becomes a capital expenditure without an acxeptable financial return, due to no significant savings as the system still opereating under the old design parameters.

• The “right-sized” equipment (chillers, cooling towers, pumps, AHUs, size of pipes, routing monitoring system etc) will undermine the efficiency of the system.

• The selected decision should be based on ROI and the “least life-cycle cost” that takes into account future operating expenses, and not necessarily the lowest investment cost.

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"It appears that practitioners frequently ignore the system approach. Instead, single components are usually chosen in isolation, not as synergistic components of the whole system."-Business Times

Our Achievements

• Energy Efficiency Retrofit • Highlights of Energy Improvement & Green Energy Management Project • Energy Audit • Implemented Energy Audit • Energy Consultancy, Monitoring & Measuring

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